Rachael Reichenbach


I am a consultant & facilitator, dedicated to deep, systemic change. I use tools & practices from deep equity and systems thinking to support organizations through the process of moving towards their deepest aspirations.

How we do our work determines the quality of what we’re able to create. My role is to support you and your team to bring your ideas to life and do your work in a way that aligns with your values and meets your goals.

Over the past ten years I have facilitated & collaborated on social change processes in a variety of settings – from political education & organizing, to anti-racism culture shift, to community food systems activation & network weaving. In this time of simultaneous multi-system transformation I bring the skills, experience, and wisdom to help you address the root causes of the increasingly severe and complex challenges that we collectively seek to solve.

I operate from a healing-informed, anti-oppression framework and am committed to living an authentic, undivided life, weaving together personal transformation & collective liberation in my personal life and professional work. I understand my spiritual practice and inner work as integral to my commitments to and practices of deep equity and systems change.

Her work in faith and spiritual leadership has made her sensitive to the ways dominant Western cultures eagerly appropriate Eastern philosophies and cultures—cutting off their identity and roots—to consume as medicine from dominant toxins. Thus, she is devoted to challenging the rising prominence of Anti-Asian violence within spiritual spaces and building just, anti-racist, decolonized, indigenizing ways that foster spiritual depth for individuals and communities.