Kindred Seedlings Farm

Lashauna, Reggie, Malik, Maliyah, Jayden, and AJ

Kindred Seedlings started as an act of anti-racism. Given that there are not many Black, woman farmers in Alamance County, LaShauna Austria was inspired to do something. Her business began as a seedling business in the dining room of her home. This led to a partnership with the Elon University Love Business School, which helped LaShauna to really think about how Kindred could be beneficial to Alamance and surrounding areas. Eventually, culinary herbs were added to the list of products sold. All of this was done with a quarter-acre piece of property in a suburban back yard- it doesn’t take a lot of land to be able to grow something!

In 2020, LaShauna’s business officially became Kindred Seedlings Farm after she acquired a 20-acre piece of property in Southern Alamance. LaShauna is hoping that this will be a permanent home for her business.

In 2021, LaShauna began selling her seedlings and fresh culinary herbs through Black Farmers Markets. She also began to sell a line of herbal tea blends. LaShauna is thankful for the support the community has offered, and is planning to continue to build upon her business this year with the hopes to be living and farming on the new property.