Marcus Hill

marcus hill

Marcus serves as co-catalyst of the Island CultureZ project in East Winston (Winston-Salem, NC): a sovereignty-building and placekeeping food and land reclamation effort. He has been involved with food system development efforts and food policy councils as spaces for action-oriented participatory democracy for over a decade, starting, coordinating, and/or serving on 6 councils from the neighborhood to the state level in North Carolina. He has served on the board of the US Solidarity Economy Network and is amongst the 3 Joint Coordinators of the global solidarity economy network (RIPESS). He serves as the Solidarity Economies and Food Systems Program Coordinator with Community Food Strategies. He also recently developed and implemented a successful inclusive recruitment strategy for diversifying participants in the world’s largest multidomain lifestyle intervention clinical trial for the prevention of Alzheimer’s. He’s generally all about some radical strategy development in whatever forms it needs to take.