Racial Equity Education

Session Descriptions

White Accomplice Workshop

A workshop that will challenge and expand your way of thinking about race, racism, and white accomplice. Engage in tough conversations about the role of dismantling white supremacy through the lens of the white accomplice. White accomplice-ship is not one and done, it’s a process.  This workshop will explore how the concepts of activism and dismantling structures that oppress individuals and groups of people need to happen as synchronous acts.

Implicit Bias Workshop

This workshop covers how our minds operate and how we understand the origins of implicit associations.  Participants uncover their own biases, the systemic impact of bias and learn strategies for addressing them. This workshop can be offered to introduce racial equity.

Race & Racism 101 Workshop

This training introduces the basics of understanding racism: how it manifests through social and political institutions, in overt and hidden forms, now and throughout history. By completing this training you’ll gain insight and tools to help you become an active participant in the fight for equity. Who this training is for: Everyone who wants to learn how racism runs through the structures and institutions we all take part in, and how to act as an agent of positive change.

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