2023 Cohort Registration

2023 Cohort

The Justice & Peace Anti-racism Community of Practice is a space for us to continue learning, practicing, and connecting. We’ll spend time together:

  • Modeling and practicing the application of what we learned through training, workshops, lived experience, and continue to learn as we engage in racial justice & equity work. 
  • Continuing to deepen our relationships, fostering connections that folks can lean on and turn to for thought partnership, collaboration, support, and friendship. 
  • Deepening our learning through periodic training on topics requested/proposed by community members.
  • Centering wellness and balance, honoring that centering our humanity is integral to how we center equity and operationalize racial justice in our organizations and our lives. 

Cohorts are six-month commitments through which we examine and respond to the ways racism impacts ourselves, our society, and our faith communities. They are run in a seminar-style format for small groups of 7-10 people and utilize various methods, including engaging books and media, guest speakers, discussion, spiritual disciplines, creative exercises, and field trips. Cohorts value experiential and peer learning and aim to get beyond an intellectual understanding of race by engaging the whole person in mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

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