About Us

Since 2019, Seeds of Change (SoC) has worked with individuals, foundations, faith-based groups, farmers, grassroots organizations, nonprofits, and businesses of every size to promote racial equity within their space in the community. SoC is a Black-owned, woman-owned firm, rooted in liberatory, justice-driven principles. Our consulting partners are skilled in building relationships and drawing connections between individual lived experiences and broader systems in our communities. Combined with creative data collection and analysis methods, SoC empowers our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to shift themselves and their organizational culture towards equity and collective liberation.

The SoC team has extensive experience with strategic development projects, including hundreds of hours of equity-based, non-hierarchical skilled facilitation. Our core competencies include racial-justice practice, community action for navigating criminal legal entities, and liberation-based change work. Our team has witnessed, firsthand, the power of cross-racial organizing to transform people, organizations, and community coalitions. We believe that a cross-racial approach and working in collaboration are critical to any successful initiative for racial justice and community growth. By working as a team in these ways, we seek to model and honor our mentors. Our approach to consulting has grown out of being called on by our respective communities to step into roles as advisors and thought partners. We focus on listening, documenting, reflecting, and coordinating to bring out the best in groups and collaborations.

Our work centers on relationship and relational accountability and applies equity throughout as both a process and an outcome. These ways of operating are reflected in our practices, processes, and the products we design and create. We work together regularly, co-facilitating as part of the SoC team, as well as facilitating multiple community organizing projects. Our collaborative style combines individual expertise and passions while utilizing an asset-based framework for pairing consultants with client projects.